Explore Bulgaria with ODYSSEIA-IN Travel DMC

Explore Bulgaria with ODYSSEIA-IN Travel DMC

Situated at the hottest crossroad of religions and peoples, Bulgaria stubbornly keeps the secrets of its phenomenal and still-alive folklore and traditions, which were vital for the survival of the Bulgarian state throughout 1300 years since its foundation. 

Traces of the oldest human presence in Europe have been discovered around the current territory of Bulgaria, as well as marvellous artefacts from the Neolithic era and the world oldest Gold. The Thracians, the ancient Greeks and Romans, the Celtics, Proto-Bulgarians, Slavs, Byzantines, the Ottoman Turks and the Totalitarian regime left their foot print. It’s hard to believe but even now - in the first half of the 21st century cultural phenomena from all of these epochs continue to coexist. This is what gives every trip in Bulgaria a pinch of exoticism and adventure. 

A spectacular landscape, defined by many as the most diverse in Europe; great biodiversity; delicious cuisine with Oriental and Mediterranean flavours; authentic wines, remarkable in tasty tomatoes, fruits and vegetables, honey, yoghurt and rose oil, as well as unique tapestry and living UNESCO recognized intangible traditions. Tightly linked to its Balkan roots, Bulgaria still lives at different speeds. 

The moment for the people that value authentic experiences has come...


Odysseia-In Travel (since 1990) specialize in active, eco & cultural tours and off-the-beaten track unique itineraries throughout  the country and the whole Balkan Peninsula. We pioneered responsible travel in Bulgaria and as a result we became the first Travelife certified Bulgarian DMC. Small group travel is what we do best and with special care for the fragile local environment.  We work with small entrepreneurs, support local initiatives and develop the capacity of the hosting communities and their environmental awareness. 


Discover the Orthodox tradition in Bulgaria, the untouched landscapes, wander around the numerous mountain paths, where you wouldn’t meet anybody, enjoy the starry night sky and the silence, before big numbers of tourists have come. Enjoy Bulgaria year round!


Highlights :

Odysseia-in Travel offers a range of trips from adventure and active tours – hiking & trekking, biking & MTB, snowshoeing, ski tours, horse riding, rock climbing, rafting, kayaking, etc., cultural tours – history & archeology, Thracian civilization, heritage tours, wine and local cuisine tours to family trips, photography and wildlife, selfguided, crafts and arts tours.


  • Extraordinary culture heritage and living traditions
  • Cyrillic alphabet
  • World class yogurt and rose oil
  • Real Food and Wine experience
  • Untouched and rich landscape
  • 30% forests


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