European motor caravan and caravan market registered 12.1% sales growth in 2017

Sales in the European caravanning industry grew at a record rate in 2017. The sector registered sales growth of 12.1% relative to the prior year, which translates into sales of 190,565 new vehicles, European Caravan Federation (ECF)* reported. This represents the sector’s strongest sales growth since 2007. As in past years, this Europe-wide sales growth was mainly driven by outstanding sales in Germany. In 2017, the German leisure-vehicle sector stroke a new record, with sales of 63,264 newly registered motor caravans and caravans – a 15.3% rise over the prior year. The two highest-sales markets after Germany also did extremely well in 2017: sales of new leisure vehicles were up 9.1% to 38,958 units in Great Britain, and in France rose 7.6% to 29,528 new motor caravans and caravans.

What’s more, sales of new leisure vehicles rose in virtually all European markets. In Spain, sales were up by an impressive 40.3%, to 5,721 newly registered motor caravans and caravans. Sales growth in the Norwegian market amounted to 16.5% (6,591 units) and in Italy to 16% (5,810 units).

Sales of motor caravans were particularly impressive last year. Thanks to robust sales growth of 14.9% (110,817 new units sold), sales in the European market exceeded the mark of 100,000 units for the first time in the sector’s history. This achievement was mainly attributable to the numerous sales records that were broken in various European markets.

Thus for example, in addition to Germany and Great Britain, in 2017 new sales records for motor caravans were set in Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium and Spain. In total, 11 markets registered a double digit growth. The outstanding sales performance in the European motor caravan sector was largely attributable to sales in Germany, which rose 15.5% to 40,568 new motor caravans. France held the number two spot, with sales of 21,396 newly registered motor caravans (up 8.6%), followed by Great Britain with sales of 14,147 new motor caravans (up 14.7%). Impressive sales growth for new motor caravans was also registered in Spain (up 47.8%), The Netherlands (up 21.3%) and Sweden (up 20.6%).

This past year saw equally robust sales in the European caravan sector, where sales of new caravans were up 8.4% relative to last year, to 79,748 units. This was the largest sales jump in more than three decades. Sales performance in the key European caravan markets also reflected this trend. In Great Britain, the traditional market leader in this sector, sales of new caravans were up 6.2%, to 24.811 units; in Germany, caravan sales were up by 14.9%, to 22,696 units; and in France, caravan sales rose by 5% to 8,132 units.

* European Caravan Federation (ECF) was founded in 1964 with headquarter in Zurich, Switzerland. It is an umbrella organization that represents the interests of the national associations of the European leisure vehicle industry.

Veselin Valev

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