National Festival of Karakachans in Bulgaria

Every year in the last Friday and Saturday of August the National Festival of Karakachans in Bulgaria takes place. It is held in Karandila - the park near Sliven, and is organized by the Federation of Cultural and Educational Societies of the Karakachans in Bulgaria.

All guests of the festival have the opportunity to learn about traditional Karakachan clothing and customs.

Karakachans (gr. Σαρακατσάνος - sarakatsanos) were Greek-speaking nomadic shepherds who live mainly in the mountains Pindos, Greece and Eastern Stara Planina, Bulgaria. They have mostly Greek national consciousness. Only part of the living Karakachans in Bulgaria are considered Bulgarians.

The concert program of the festival consists of traditional Karakachan merriment called Glenda and the participation of Bulgarian and Greek artists.

The visit of the festival is free. Accommodation is in tents or hotels in Sliven.

For information and reservations: or + 359 44/667 672 and + 359 887 23 25 21 - Office of the Federation of Karakachans.