The annual Campsite Ranking in Bulgaria has been started

The annual ranking of campsites in Bulgaria #BestBGcamp2018 is already in progress. It has been held for the fourth consecutive year by in the partnership of SportDepot Stores and with courtesy of MarketLinks marketing agency. Throughout September, all campsite lovers will be able to vote in an online poll-ranking to broadcast the best camps in Bulgaria in 7 categories:

  1. A favorite campsite for Bulgarians on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast
  2. A favorite campsite for Bulgarians inside the country
  3. Best camping in the category "Comfort and Hygiene"
  4. Best camping in the category "Additional Services and Entertainment"
  5. Best Camping in the category "Supply and Shopping"
  6. Best Camping in the category "Enhancements and Development"
  7. Best camping in category "Location and Environment"

The annual ranking has a research character. It aims to reveal what the Bulgarians think about the campsites in the country, what they would like to be improved in them and in the country as a whole, what are the reasons why some campsites are more preferred than others, what exactly attracts people to them. Also, the main problems for the development of camping tourism in Bulgaria will be outlined. The survey data will reveal how many Bulgarians camp with tents, campers and caravans, what are their socio-demographic characteristics, and last but not least - whether they choose to camp abroad and what attracts them there. The collected data from 2018 will be analyzed and compared with those from previous years.

Would you be willing to take part in the survey and join the poll by sharing your experience, fill it out HERE (using Google translate). All participants have the chance to win prizes on a lottery basis!

The poll will be open until the end of September.

Kalin Kirilov

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