The Best Bulgarian Campsites for 2017

The ranking of the campsites of Bulgaria #BestBGcamp2017 has come to an end. It is held for the third consecutive year by the Bulgarian Camping Web with the partnership of SportDepot sports stores and MarketLinks marketing research agency.

For 3 weeks the visitors of rated the campsites according to different criteria. The categories which awarded the best places to stay under the stars in Bulgaria were eight. Additionally, the voters could pick their favorite campsite abroad.

The online poll involved 644 people, of which aprox. 40% were men and 60% women. Nearly half of the voters prefer to camp in tents. After them are the ones who prefer bungalow accommodation. The owners of caravans and camper vans follow them very closely.

According to the age criteria, the majority of voters are 31-40 years old (41,9%), then are the 41-50 years old. Young people up to 30 years represent 22,2% of the respondents. The share of voters from a big Bulgarian city (Plovdiv, Varna, Ruse, Stara Zagora, Burgas) is almost as equal as the share of the citizens of the capital Sofia. Detailed information will be published in the ranking report, which you can request on

The poll determined the most visited camps in the last years and for the last five years. For the last five years the most visited camps on the Black sea side were South beach, The Cool Place and Kavatzi and in the last year Kavatzi’ place has been taken by Irakli. As for the campsites, which are not on the sea coast - most popular are Kapinovski monastery, Dospat and Batak.

Here is the ranking by categories:

Category “Favorite campsite along the Black sea coast”:

1 place: The Cool Place – Lozenetz village
2 place: South beach – Sozopol
3 place: Irakli – Irakli beach

Category “Favourite inland camping”:

1 place: Kapinovski monastery – Veliko Tarnovo
2 place: Eco-camping Dospat – Dospat dam
3 place: Eco-camping Batak – Batak dam

Five of the winners of both categories remain the same as in 2016. The new winner here is camping Irakli, which was available for tents, camper vans and caravans for the last season. The efforts of the owners have definitely made it a friendly and beautiful place for a vacation.

Category “Comfort and hygiene” (campsite with the best hygienic conditions):

1 place: Sakar Hills – 4,67 points
2 place: The Cool Place – 4,51 points
3 place: Kromidovo – 4,50 points

Category “Accommodation” (campsite with the best accommodation, water and power supply):

1 place: Sakar Hills – 4,75 points
2 place: Zora – 4,64 points
3 place: The Cool Place – 4,54 points

Category “Entertainment and other additional services” (campsite with the biggest variety of sports and entertainment options):

1 place: Zora – 4.36 points
2 place: The Cool Place – 4,21 points
3 place: Kapinovski monatery – 4,18 points

Category “Supply” (campsite with the best accessibility to dining and shopping):

1 place: Zora – 4,36 points
2 place: Sandanski – 4,21 points
3 place: The Cool Place – 4,16 points

Category “Improvements and development” (campsite with the most significant improvement in its facilities in the last 5 years):

1 place: Kapinovski monastery – 4,50 points
2 place: The Cool Place – 4,47 points
3 place: Zora – 4,43 points

The result from the “Favourite campsite abroad” category is also interesting. More than half of the respondents have stated that they haven’t visited any campsite abroad. From those who have, 1/3 don’t have a favorite campsite. Thus, the most popular Greek campsites – Thalatta Kalamitsi and Armenistis, both on Sitonia, Halkidiki, rank among the favorite campsite abroad for Bulgarians. Other countries in which Bulgarians go on camping are Italy, Austria, Croatia, the Netherlands, Hungary, Turkey, Slovenia and others.

The best campsites will be awarded.

More information on the ranking of the campsites in Bulgaria can be found in Special report, which you can request on email It's price is 15 EUR.

Headline picture: Camping Zora

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