Beglika Horodeya 2019

The Beglika Festival will take place for 11th consecutive year on the shores of the dam of the same name. It will happen from 14 to 18 of August. For over a decade of its existence, it has evolved towards ever closer sharing and unity.

Its program includes workshops on yoga, kung-fu, children's artwork and workshops, seminars on healthy eating and living. The main idea behind the festival is the DAR concept (donoring) and sharing. This is where you will learn how to work on yourself, how to share and be united. Many of the elements in the program are borrowed from Eastern teachings, religion and rituals.

2/3 of the participants in the festival do not pay an entrance fee and  the festial is supported only by the budget generated by 1/3 of the visitors. The goal is to be completely free in 2020. Everybody  pais with DAR.

More abobut the festival: