The first Bulgarian motorhome brand to be exhibitor at Camping & Caravaning Expo 2024 in Sofia

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An exciting new addition to the camping world is on the horizon with the unveiling of an innovative campervan tailored specifically for families. HIP Campers, a proudly Bulgarian company, is poised to revolutionize the camping experience, offering comfort and functionality for adventurers who relish exploring nature with their loved ones. Recognizing a gap in the market for family-friendly amenities, the founders of HIP Campers embarked on a mission to provide a superior alternative that caters to the needs of families.

Weighing in at under 3 tons when unladen, HIP 4Family boasts a spacious interior, a large kitchen countertop, a generously sized bathroom, cozy sleeping quarters, and clever storage solutions for both humans and pets alike. Designed with seasonal comfort in mind, the motorhome is equipped with air conditioning and heating, while the external features are optimized for low wind noise and aerodynamics. Moreover, these motorhomes are engineered to facilitate off-grid camping for extended periods, contingent upon the level of equipment installed.

"Our vision was to develop a family motorhome that addresses the practical requirements of every family member – offering ample space to accommodate a family of four, yet still manageable by an individual holding a class B driving license. It's a motorhome that affords enough room for two adults and two children on chilly days without feeling cramped, while also being inviting enough to host guests – with adults congregating around the rear lounge table and children around the front one.", says Vassil Petev, founder, and CEO @ HIP Campers.

The idea is entirely Bulgarian, with the interior and exterior designs crafted by talented local artisans. Assembly takes place in Bulgaria, with assistance from an engineering team based in Germany. Components are sourced from within the country as well as from Germany and Italy.

The inaugural two prototypes of the 4Family model are slated for completion by the end of May, with the official product launch scheduled to coincide with the Camping & Caravanning Expo 2024 in Sofia. Looking ahead, the company plans to introduce two additional models targeting young couples and seniors seeking leisurely excursions across Europe.

Prices for the 4Family model are expected to commence at approximately 150,000 to 160,000 euros, with the option to customize with additional equipment offered in packages or as standalone extras. These enhancements include 200Ah LiFePO4 (lithium) batteries, 400Wp solar panels, fully integrated air conditioning, a 200L clean water tank (with 120L capacity for waste water), and an array of other amenities. Noteworthy among the optional packages is the Smart Camper Package, enabling remote control of all systems – from lighting to waste management – via two touch screens and a mobile app.

Pre-orders for the 4Family model will open in early April, giving customers the opportunity to secure their units during the Camping & Caravanning Expo 2024 event. For further details about HIP Campers, their product lineup, and upcoming events, visit their website and social media channels.

Source and images: HIP Campers


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