IX International Festival of Folklore Costumes in Zheravna, 19-21 of August 2016

From 19 to 21 the IX International Festival of the Folklore Costumes will take place in Zheravna near Sliven. 

The festival is unique with the specific dress code - all participants and visitor have to be dressed with folklore costumes. The participants may choose suits by foreign countries. Usually Bulgarian traditional costumes from all over the country dominate.

This year, on Saturday, there will be a competition for clubs for Bulgarian folk dances. Each club will present two traditional dances called Horo. The first one must be authentic and the second one can also be adapted. The horo dances will be carried out with live musical accompaniment. The festival program also includes performances of profecional groups of authentic Bulgarian folklore.

The specific clothing of the participants and guests is what makes this festival different from all others and the only one of its kind in Bulgaria. There is no other event that brings people from all over the country and abroad and that combines Bulgarian tradition and spirit from all regions, preserving their specific characteristics .

And best of all is the accommodation - on the meadows of the festival with tents and mobile homes.