Tent heater design could save lives

The dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning from using barbecues and gas heaters inside your tent are well known. But camping enthusiast Holly Freemantle could have come up with a solution.

After living in a tent for three months last summer, the 22-year-old from Somerset has created a unique camping accessory that can warm a tent – and is totally safe.

Holly, an Industrial Design and Technology student at Loughborough University, came up with the idea for a portable camping heater – called Heata – after reading about a teenage girl who died from CO poisoning after her family brought a disposable barbecue into their tent.

Her prototype consists of soapstone block which is placed on to a barbecue to heat up before being transferred with a handheld transporter and guard into a case made of toughened glass.

That can then be used to keep your tent warm for up to five hours. Holly said: “I wanted to help protect campers from CO poisoning by coming up with an idea to heat tents in a safe way. Heata does away with the need for a naked flame.”

From: Out&About Live

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