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Exact address Koshov, Ruse
Work time 04 - 10
GPS coordinates 43.6615, 25.9862
Payment methods Cash

Amenities at Camping Koukeri

Access for disabled people
Pets are allowed
CCTV (security cameras)
Swimming pool
Cafe Bar
Electricity in the campsites
Clean water in the campsites
Hot water in bathrooms and toilets
Service of chemical toilets
Sewage service for campers and caravans
Tourist kitchen for common use
Washing machine
Walking routes/ eco-paths
Bicycle routes
Beautiful views
Access via asphalt road
Reception 24/7

Detailed information about Camping Koukeri

Camping "Koukeri" is a newly built campsite 27 km South of Ruse, in the heart of Rusenski Lom Nature Park.

The campsite has two separate areas, each with its own bathrooms and separate parking outside the accommodation areas, for greater comfort of all its guests. The plots range in size from 35 to 80 sq.m. and are depicted in detail in the accommodation scheme. All places have easy access to points supplied with drinking water and electricity. The service rooms also include a separate bathroom for the needs of guests with reduced mobility, as well as a point for cleaning chemical toilets.

The accommodation areas in the campsite reveal wonderful views of the Cherni Lom River and its picturesque canyon with its numerous cave openings and niches. Its location is a starting point for many walking and cycling routes, reaching various natural and cultural-historical landmarks in the Rusenski Lom Nature Park. The area offers opportunities for various natural activities, including the observation of rare and protected birds.

Camping "Koukeri" is located 20-30 minutes from Ruse by car. The distance to the border crossing Danube Bridge is 30 km, and to the Romanian capital Bucharest - about 100 km. Sofia is 280 km away with easy access on the main road E-85, E-83 and the Hemus motorway (A2). The old capital city of Veliko Tarnovo is located 90 km South of the village of Koshov, and in 2.5 hours (206 km) you can reach the nearest Black Sea beach in Varna.



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