Camping Zona Kraken

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Exact address Arapya beach, Tsarevo
GPS coordinates 42.1865, 27.8378
Number of camping sites for tents 25
Places for campers 3
Payment methods Cash

Amenities at Camping Zona Kraken

Pets are allowed
CCTV (security cameras)
Cafe Bar
Water sports in the area
Electricity in the campsites
Clean water in the campsites
Hot water in bathrooms and toilets
Tourist kitchen for common use
Washing machine
Accommodation in caravans (for rent)
Beach (river, sea, dam, etc.)
Fishing in the area
Bicycle routes

Detailed information about Camping Zona Kraken

Camping Zona Kraken is located in a pine forest in the southern part of Arapya beach, only 100 m from the beach. The place is suiable for a family holiday in a tent. It offers all the necessary facillities for s dream summer vacation. Its owners focus on the harmony with the nature.

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Елена Бояджиева
0 Ratings

Чист въздух, борова гора, плаж, спокойствие и незабравимо детско лято предлага зона Кракен. Предлага още каравани с 2, 3 и 4 легла със собствени веранди, хладилници и изглед към морето.

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5 Ratings

Три години подред сме в този къмпинг и тази година няма да пропуснем. На метри от плажа, сенчесто, чисто, с гостоприемни домакини!

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