The Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism presented the mobile app iLoveBulgaria

At a special public event today, the Minister of Tourism Nikolina Angelkova presented the mobile application iLoveBulgaria. It was announced as part of a unified platform bringing together all tourism elements - tourist attractions, accommodation, restaurants and all related services. It includes also the Bulgarian 100 National Tourist Sites.

Minister Angelkova informed that it has already begun installing of special information plates on each of the touristic sites. Each plate will have a QR code which tourists can scan through mobile phones and will receive information about the site. Parallel they will earn bonus points for receiving awards. According to the developer that motivate many more people to travel and provoke greater interest at children.

Platform and information about each of the sites is available currently in 12 languages, but in the long run will be given an unlimited number of languages, said Minister of Tourism.

You can install iLoveBulgaria at Android and iOS.

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